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tel: +38 067-938-8603 web:

Pantcha 2/67, Kyiv, 04201

Design service, banners

Our designers will help to create unique firm style of enterprise, work out banners for advertising in network. Advertising banners work out.

For realization advertising action and your own web resource promotion, you will need elements for attraction customers’ attention. In net it is mainly graphic banners. We have a great experience in design different types of banners.

Efficiency of banner advertising often is measured by ratio of crossing on banner to the whole number of showings (CTR). For banners we create average CTR is 2% (it is higher than average ratio in network - less 1%). It is because we constantly research our audience and use specificity when design banner.

Banner type




Static banner

It is actually for image advertising for showing saturated picture

from $10

1 day

Banner with animation

Allows present small advertising subject.  

from $20

2-4 days


It is one of the most efficient promo. Allows present complex trailers, attract attention   

от $30

3-5 days

Advertising module  
(FLASH technology)

Intended for placement on start page and attraction attention to current promo action. Can be interactive and contain several stages.


5-10 days

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