QWER-team – it is young, ambitious team of specialists in IT sphere. Our priority activity directions are:

- Internet projects realization (creation Internet- portals, e-shops, corporative sites, informational databases in e-net);
- Sites promotion, e-advertising;
- hosting services and domain names;
- working out different accounting systems (in construction, system for registration financing in construction, services of non-residential premises and residential construction, rent, stock-taking, production.
- Special software development.
- Computers assembling and delivery, office and computer equipment services, wiring local computer nets for enterprises, realization projects “Clear house”  and “intelligent buildings”.


It is no secret; there are many informational, technical problems in every enterprise, which arise day by day. How can our company site be original and memorizing? How can it be made famous to all potential consumers? How to start sale products, services via internet, how to organize own e-shop? Who can help in development and escort different software? Who can quickly and in workmanlike manner provide local computer net, supply and services of office equipment? 
We will help you to solve these and many other questions! It can be proved by our experience, customers and partners.
 QWER-team – this is IT quality standard!

today: 05/07/2022
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